Thursday, 9 June 2011

8 days and counting.

We have been a bit quiet on the blog for the last fortnight because Inshriach has been the base for a feature film '500 Miles North'. You can expect to see a lot of Insider paraphernalia cropping up once this hits the screens.

We have also been prop building for Rockness, have ordered an unfeasible quantity of Thistly Cross cider (this year featuring the rocket fuel 14% strength 'Thistly Bomb'), coaxed the last of our line up into its beautiful shape, performed strange rituals and human sacrifices to the fickle (but always Insider Friendly) weather gods, and hewn from oak and steel and the contents of skips the details that will make the Insider special.

The taxidermy store is now open for business, don't forget to bring any pets you want immortalised.

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