Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Backwoods Sporting Society.

The first outing for the Sporting / Educational wing of the Historical Society took place yesterday with trial by coracle. This coracle is an inside out cow stretched round a hazel frame. It even has a tail. There are plans for a coracle building weekend at Inshriach later this year, it then takes half a year for the coracle to cure thoroughly so by next summer (Insider time) the coracles and their builders will compete for aquatic glory in our abstract Historical Olympiad. Other categories will include wife carrying, small dog throwing and the Thistly Cross three legged relay race (start curing your wives now to ensure they are fully hardened). Drop us an email if you fancy coming on the coracle course.

The rules of the Sporting Society;

Inappropriate Historical dress must be worn at all times.
Slavish Historical accuracy is not required by the organisers.
Steam, sail, oars and alchemy are the only permissable means of propulsion.

There are no other rules (yet).

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