Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What Lau have to say about it...

Lau are totally delighted by the chance to curate a night at The Insider this year. The thought of being allowed to choose which of our fave musos get to come and join us at what is going to be a highlight of our summer festival season has made us like greedy folk kids in an alternative sweetie shop.

It is an absolute stotter of a line-up and a total joy for us to be involved in making this night happen. Alongside ourselves on the Sunday afternoon/evening will be:

The incredible Hidden Orchestra (formally the Joe Acheson Quartet) whose debut album Night Walks is surely one of this years soundtracks to the summer. Any band citing Aphex Twin, Debussy, Radiohead and Squarepusher as their influences is pretty cool in our musical colouring book. With two drummers, deep basslines and strong jazz and classical influences they make beautiful, cinematic music perfect for an Insider Sunday night.

We are honoured and delighted to announce the appearance of legendary singer songwriter Michael Marra at this years Insider. Michael is often spoken of in the same breath as Randy Newman and Tom Waits and delivers songs of comparable quality but with the added bonus of his unashamedly native delivery and Saharan wit. Who knew Dundonian was so beautiful!?

The music of Geese encompasses all that is great about fearless experimentation in music, mind-warping electronics and sublime strings. Great technique, and indie chic, Geese have it all. If you can find a more rockinger band that is two violinists and a drummer, Lau will give you a tenner.*

Super-duo Macmaster/Hay are a distillation of the forward-thinking soul at the heart of the Edinburgh folk upheaval of the last 15 years. Mary Macmaster and Donald Hay have been involved independently and collectively in a staggering number of the most successful and exciting projects in modern folk history. They have finally come together uninterrupted by the noises of others to produce music of jaw-dropping beauty with drums, harp and voice.

Jarlath Henderson from Dungannon, Co Tyrone is the leading light in a generation of gifted and riotous musicians. He is a vistuoso on uillean pipes and whistles with an anarchic style that only comes years of studying the tradition. Also is a fine singer he’ll be joined on vocal and ‘cello duties by his sister Alana. The prodigy Mathue Watson completes the triumvirate on guitar and fiddle. Expect wild tunes and beguiling songs from this inventive young band.
Hopwood and Black are a meeting of minds of powerful songwriters Phil Hopwood (The Marrs Effect) and Lindsey Black (The Bevvy Sisters). At the beginning of this year, Phil and Lindsey came across a peculiar looking duo playing lounge music in a lonely corner of a local Leith establishment and thought, although ragged round the edges, these two boys had potential. So they will be introducing them to the Insider for their first festival appearance as a quartet. Hopwood and Black would like to introduce their new and improved line–up with Donald Hay on drums and Al Wishart on bass.
*please note conditions apply**
**and we don’t really have a tenner

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